Branching Out: Lonley Kids and CoD

Posted by on Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today, luck was on my side. After the second period bell rang, I was off to newspaper as planned. I stopped to chat with my friends who had 1st lunch and thought, I finished my story so I guess I can hang out with you guys for your lunch. So I stayed with my friends and I saw this kid, or "lonely boy" as we called him the day before. The story with him was that I saw him, thought he was attractive, but also felt bad because he was sitting alone by himself! My caring heart felt inclined to have him come over to us and join our clan, but he got up and walked away before I could invite him! So as I was standing with my friends, I spotted him and he hung out right in our area. So I made my way over to the trash can that was conveniently placed right next to him. My friend Kyle said hi so we chatted, mostly about Black Ops and then he joined us. It was fair to say that I was happy. But I don't even know his name... Maybe I should get on that.

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