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Awesome Giveaway!

This girl I follow: MassachusettsMask is having this awsome giveaway for her accomplishment of reaching 200 followers! It's a MAC giveaway were you can choose a blush, eyeshadow AND lipstick! It's almost too great to miss out on! Just in case, I'm putting the link in the sidebar so you can check it out!

Room Designs

Well I'm unfortunately moving into a new house soon due to us being broke and not being able to afford our house anymore so I'm taking this oppourtunity to completely redesign my room. I'm going off these types of looks:

Along the lines of those. I just don't know exactly what I like the best.. I'm probably gonna have a mish-mash of them all.


So after thinking about everything that goes on in my life, I realize that I have a bad case of codependency. Codependency is when you rely on others to make you feel good like a significant other and such. I've always thought of myself as a rather independent person but when I really sit down and think about it, I notice I'm really not. I have awful esteem issues, I feel like everyone is against me (rather angsty if I do say so), and that I just feel like crap which I shouldn't. I know I don't deserve that and I know that I shouldn't be like this. So lets make this a marking point. I'm doing a 180 and changing the way I feel about this which means doing what I want, making myself feel good, having faith in myself, ect ect. I even picked out a few good role models (mostly rocker chicks from the 90's/80's/70's)

  •  Alanis Morissette, Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Lady GaGa
I mean these girl's are the epitome of girl power and being who you want to be. Perfect motivation for me.
On another note, who thinks Sucker Punch looks awesome? I know it's like a total "guy movie" but it looks CRAZY. I'm all for girl power and kicking some huge butt so I think I'll be seeing that sometime soon!

Retail Therapy

With all this stress going on, it's always good to have something make you feel better. One of those things is of course, shopping. I only picked up a few things but it just relieves tension and stress.
Another good thing would be WINNING. No, I'm not Charlie Sheen, but my group of nerds and I just won our Botball competition and we are possibly going to California this summer!
I really wish I had some more exciting news but it's all rather boring right now so I'll just leave this where it is in hopes that I can be more exciting later.

Spring Fever: Shorts

Spring Trend: Shorts 
  • Cut offs and distressed shorts seem to be the most popular this Spring making me want to hit up Goodwill and just go crazy in their denim section. 
  • Another popular pairing is shorts with tights, leather jackets, jean jackets, jean vests, and cropped or over sized band shirts. 
  • With my lack of a wardrobe, I'm really looking forward to expanding it this year so now I'm all excited and doing major research for oncoming trends and exactly what to invest in. If you have any ideas feel free to give me some tips.
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Yes yes I abandoned ship again but I got sick and then really discouraged to do anything really. But now I'm gonna try again. Maybe I'll actually keep up and be consistent this time!

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