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A Section Of My Brain: Ulta Black Friday Sale!

My mom promised she would escort me to Ulta's black Friday sale and I'm super excited:D The majority of the stuff I want it on sale and what not so I have to rush to get what I want. I'm even gonna map out where some things are on my list so we can cover more ground that way XD I really do have an awesome mother. I'll be sure to do a haul on what I get too!

Happy TurkeyDay!

So in the spirt of Thanksgiving, I think I'll make a list of things that I'm thankful for.

  • My mom and dad
  • My sister
  • My kitty
  • My Nana and Papa
  • My whole family basically..
  • My sweet guitar hero skills
  • The fact that I have a room over my head and a bed to sleep in
  • Every single one of my friends
  • The fact that I have a child like sense of humor
  • My painting skills
  • My ferret 
  • My sister's best friend Angela
  • All the neato clothes I have
  • And everything else in between
Now I'm off to watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Special:3

Happy Thanksgiving!

Obsessions: Dubstep/Techno

I've been getting really into Dubstep and Techno music lately for no apparent reason. Just one of those things unno. I have a few picked out that I really liked:

A Section Of My Brain: Target Shopping

Today was the last day of school for the week because we got an extra long Thanksgiving weekend! So to celebrate, my dad and I made our way to the AT&T store and Target for a little browsing and shopping. At the AT&T store we visited the iPhone 4 section and I was basically guaranteed to get one when the lady showed us the cases and he goes "Oh yea, you'll definitely be getting one of these." and then when he said "I'm not saying you're getting one cause it's supposed to be a surprise!" hot diggity dog! At Target I picked up a few things:

  1. Book: Chosen by P.C & Kirsten Cast- this is the third installment of the Marked series and so far I'm in love with these books. They're so good and they have had an awesome twist in the first two books.
  2. Contact Solution: Gotta take care of my eye-balls!
  3. Sinful Colors Nail Polishes: I got two colors; Purple-"I Love You" Blue-"Nail Junkie"
  4. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation: I heard Greg. Gorgeous rave about this in his Foundation Routine video. I got the color True Ivory

Future: My Future Pad

So I have this grand idea to live in a apartment with my two friends, Emalie and Riley and it's gonna be awesome. Like SUPER awesome. I just want to get out of my house at this point. I love my family don't get me wrong, but I would really like to get out on my own and live my life without my parents riding my back. I just have a hug sense of independence is all.. so I've been looking at some apartments and I found my ideal apartment/room/bathroom/ect.

A Section Of My Brain: Concerts

Tonight I have to go to my friends show at this local venue and I'm super excited! It's his first show ever and he's so happy about it. The only thing is I'm feeling super lazy and I really don't feel like getting up and having to go to his show XD I know that sounds super mean but I've just felt so tired lately. But I'm gonna be a trooper and do this for him. The only major downside to all of this is I'm missing the new Jerseylicious episode tonight.. Did that sound a little selfish or was that just me?

Future: Confessions Of A Shopaholic

When I think about it, life would be so bad if I were like Rebeca Bloomwood. I mean minus the debt and whatnot, having an attractive British boyfriend and super awesome clothes sounds pretty nice.

If I Had All The Money In The World {2}

Obsessions: Shopping

Lately, I've been having this insane hunger for shopping. Just about every weekend I go to the mall with my friends and drool over practically everything I can get my hands on. I have no clue why this has come over me, but it seems to be staying considering this has been going on for a good month now. My latest trip was this afternoon with my best friend. It was a good trip cause I actually came home with something this time.

Now I think it's time to relax, read a book, and take a good long nap.

Christmas: Christmas List

I was up for a while thinking about my favorite holiday, Christmas! It is a little selfish of course but I love it for many many more reasons other than just gifts. But one thing I really do think about would be my Christmas List! Here's a few things selected off the list:

 You can see how diverse my likes are here haha.

A Section Of My Brain: FOTD?

So I just learned why my camera didn't take my FOTD the first time. This could be a sign that I should start doing one more often?

A Section Of My Brain: Creativity

As I said earlier, I made a shirt just for the Harry Potter premiere. It's finally dry so I got to take pictures with it! Here's the under construction shot:

So if you can't tell, it says MUDBLOOD- A muggle born wizard. 
Here's the after shot:
So it turned out a lot better than I thought it would! Yay for creativity!


SO I NEED TO CALM DOWN. OK, tonight his Harry Potter Part 1 midnight premiere and I am SO FIPPEN EXCITED! I've already made my shirt and I'm ready to go. Only 6 more long hours until I become increasingly happy in a matter of minutes! I'll post pictures of my shirt in a while. I have to let it try for a few minutes..

Branching Out: Lonley Kids and CoD

Today, luck was on my side. After the second period bell rang, I was off to newspaper as planned. I stopped to chat with my friends who had 1st lunch and thought, I finished my story so I guess I can hang out with you guys for your lunch. So I stayed with my friends and I saw this kid, or "lonely boy" as we called him the day before. The story with him was that I saw him, thought he was attractive, but also felt bad because he was sitting alone by himself! My caring heart felt inclined to have him come over to us and join our clan, but he got up and walked away before I could invite him! So as I was standing with my friends, I spotted him and he hung out right in our area. So I made my way over to the trash can that was conveniently placed right next to him. My friend Kyle said hi so we chatted, mostly about Black Ops and then he joined us. It was fair to say that I was happy. But I don't even know his name... Maybe I should get on that.

Obsessions: More YouTube Music

Ok this is a new guy that my friend made me listen to. He's amazing to say the least and he's covering one of my favorite songs. Plus he makes me melt inside:3

TAG: 5 Favorite Lipsticks

As I looked through a list of makeup type tags, I found one that seemed good to start off with. The every so easy "My 5 Favorite Lipsticks" tag. The lipsticks are in no particular order, just how I set them out ^.^

Obsessions: BeenerKeeKee1995

You see this face? This is the face of a winner. Actually it's the face of "BeenerKeeKee1995" on YouTube AKA the cutest kid I've ever seen. This kid lip-dubs just about every popular song out there and I can't stop watching him. Heck. I even know his whole dance to the "DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again" video.

I Wanna Do A Tag..

If anyone has any interesting tags (makeup, clothes, video games, cats, ect) can you let me know? I would love to do one! Especially if someone would be interested in reading it!

Aggy Appreciation Day!

If I Had All The Money In The World

Obsessions: Sweet Tea

I've always loved sweet tea, but recently it's been sweet tea all the time. Like this morning, I made a run to McDonalds just for their tea. And since I've been home I've already had about two or three glasses of tea. I'm gonna be obese by this time next year if I keep this up.

A Section Of My Brain: Shopping Excursion

Guess who's excited! This girl! I'm getting the absolutely amazing chance to go on a FREE trip to Vegas with my dear friend Danielle! As a gift for her sweet sixteen, Danielle's grandma is paying for us to go to Vegas (I think. Not completely sure about the whole deal yet.. But she said my trip was free!) So do you know what this means? Supposedly, it snows in Vegas. So I get to go on a mega winter shopping trip! I've already got a few things picked out from Forever 21.

I can't wait to go! Just the thought of shopping for it makes me excited! Think about how excited the trip itself will make me.

Hopes And Dreams

One day I hope to show off this pretty little tattoo on my own arm. The tattoo is a big part of me considering the fact that its the Deathly Hallows symbol. Deathly Hallows being the last installment of the Harry Potter series, perhaps one of the most important things in my life. Like they say, its real for us.

A Section Of My Brain: Makeup Brush Holder

I've been looking for a makeup brush holder for a while considering all I had was a plastic thing that I got at the dollar section in target that barely held all of my brushes. With my plan to go to Michael's eliminated, I searched around the house to find something to hold my brushes in for the time being. So, looking around my room I saw this old popcorn bucket type thing that I got at the dollar store in hopes of being able to use it. So I filled it with rice and I had myself a new brush holder!


Cleaning has to be one of the most bothersome tasks I have ever come in contact with. I despise cleaning. I have since I was little. I still do now. Whenever I have to clean, I'll sit on my bed and I'll listen to music and think about cleaning. I usually never do though. Today I kinda want to clean considering the fact that my room is an awful mess. There are things all over and it's bugging me. I have to spruce up my vanity and I have to get all the sheets off the floor, and then I have to do my bed.. GOD there is far too much to do.
I've cleaned most of my room. everything's off the floor. Now I just have to organize and I'll be done. 

Obsessions: T.V

So I've been watching this show. Kinda like my replacement for Jersey Shore while the cast is recovering from Miami. It's called Jerseylicious. If any of you have every seen or heard of it, it's about a load of catty women (and one man) put in a beauty salon called Gatsby. It's hilarious and I've been watching it at every chance I get. There's a marathon on today so I might not be posting that much. I'm off to clean and watch Jerseylicious!

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