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My Weeks Been:

Crazy. With everything going on, I've hardly had time to do anything on the computer except for Facebook or the occasional pop in here. I've been doing a lot and going places, mainly just trying to utilize the rest of my winter break. Now I'm just in a cleaning phase and I have this huge urge to fix up my room.. I still have to put up my "What I Got For Christmas" post and everything but I'm just so dang busy..

New Years Nightmare

The End

So Christmas was a huge success! I got things I didn't think I would get and things I hoped I would get. I'll definitely post some pictures on what I got sooner or later, but for now I'm relaxing and playing with all my new shiny toys.

The Countdown Continues: 7:22PM

Captain's Log: Time is just mocking me now. Completely and totally mocking me. The time it took to zip up to 6 o'clock made me so jolly I thought I'd burst. It was like the time just sped by. But now as we're nearing 10:00PM, the time I start to shut down, it's just taking baby steps. I think it's laughing at me really. Just saying "HAHA YOU'LL NEVER MAKE IT TO CHRISTMAS DAY!" Well guess what stupid time, I WILL.

The Countdown Continues: 4:48PM

Captains Log: I have been watching non-stop Christmas specials all day now. My plan to stay up all night so I can fall asleep easier tonight was foiled on account of the two small naps I took. However, a two hour nap and a one hour nap do not fulfill ones need for 8 hours of sleep. And at the rate I'm going, I'll be worn out when the time comes. So far I'm on a binge of tater tots and french fries that I found in the depths of my freezer behind packages of edamame. I'm waiting for my mom to come home after some last minute shopping even though she refuses to say that the gifts are for me. (I know they're for me. She always gets my gifts last minute..) I've stayed in my pj's all day now and I refuse to change into anything else. Due to our failure of a heating system, my room is by far the warmest room in the house. I'm not complaining, but everyone else is..

The Wait Is (Almost) Over.

It's officially Christmas Eve which MEANSSSS:

I'm a little to excited.

Dressing Up Was Never This Fun

 Quite inspired by 40's pin-up girls style, I played a little dress-up (yes at 10:24 PM.) I discovered my sister had a darker shade of red and I was instantly ready to start posing in front of my camera. The wrong lighting = a difficult time taking pictures. I quite like the look on me though. Despite my lack of an angled face or high cheek-bones, I have those big brown eyes and the ability to pull off a good cat-eye. I don't know if I can pull of the red lipstick though haha.

Cue the ridiculous photo

 My cat can be evil.. Just thought I'd clarify on this one.

Lacey Overload

Right Now:

I feel as if I'm an antsy five year old right now. There are only TWO DAYS standing between me and those beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree. My house has been smelling like gingerbread and cinnamon which makes this wait even more agonizing. It's not even Christmas Eve yet and I'm already having trouble sleeping. I toss and turn and I wake up during the night which makes the wait so much longer. I just take cheesy pictures like this to make my wait seem shorter:

Countdown To Christmas! -In Hats- PART2

DAY: 22 (Make-up Picture)
Sorry about my absence the day before. I was at my friends bonfire and packing for my trip.
My hat: Moose hat I got from EPCOT. It got it in "Canada" and it makes me sad that it's kinda top heavy and moves all over the place.
DAY: 23
Hat: Fuzzy winter hat that I got last Christmas from my sister. It's a little... snug. My head is fairly *ahem* large. (Thanks dad..)

Wants and Needs

 -Cross Knuckle Ring          -Knotted Rosary
 In need of some nice tights considering the fact that it's winter. Cheetah print would be nice..
Biker style boots. $130.00 at Aldo    59.98 AT ALDO NOW.  Must.. Have..

Shame Shame..

I caught a glimpse of my gifts when my mum was carrying them in from the truck and the bag was transparent. So I get a break right? It was transparent.. It wasn't exactly my fault that I just looked over and there was a bag of gifts. It wasn't my fault at all.. Obviously I'm just trying to make myself feel better. GOD WON'T THIS GOD FORSAKEN WAIT BE OVER WITH?! I am known as a very impatient person. So this whole "wait" thing, yea, it's not working for me. Something will be done about this. I'm just trying with all my might not to go and peek in my mothers closet. If I peek even the slightest bit, I'll rip the bags right open and find out the exact contents of the bag. It's a bad habit, I know..
Tomorrow will help get my mind off everything. Bonfire with friends and then a scavenger hunt the next day. Good little two day break to get my mind off the agonizing three day wait.. I'm a drama-queen.

Countdown To Christmas! -In Hats-

Explanation time: Me saying "3 and a wake up" is actually a navy term my dad taught me last week. See, when they were on the boat and they were coming in on leave, they would count down by saying 7 & A WAKE UP instead of 8. The minus one day = the wake up. A little less confusing when explained in person, but this will have to do. 

 My hat of the day: Beaker from the Muppets. I got this hat from the MGM park in Orlando earlier this year I believe. On my part, a very good investment. I've worn it out a couple of times and received odd looks from both parents and children. A little girl pulled on my jacket and said, "Missy, you gotta monstur on ya head!" I just said "Yes I know." Yea, that little girl was very jealous of my hat.

Snowy Winters

A Section Of My Brain: Recently?

Well, recently I've found myself drifting more towards fashion and what not rather than makeup. Don't get me wrong, I still love my makeup and beauty things, but lately I've found myself wanting to dress in Aldo high heeled boots and throw together things to make them look super awesome like those jerks (amazing and talented people) on LookBook do..

Obsessions: Polyvore

I actually had never heard of Polyvore until a few hours ago and I have gone crazy with it. It is so fun and you can get as creative as you want with it. Over all, I think I'll be on the site for a good while now..

Stuff'll Kill Ya'

Easy Rider

Obsessions: LLYMLRS

Ok so at the moment, there is this blogger that I am completely and totally in love with. She makes me want to be just like her. Her name is LLYMLRS. She puts my blog to shame. She is adorably sweet and so lovable. Can you say girl-crush? I just want to dress like her and own all her clothes and steal her accent. Kay?


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New Shampoo!

My sister recently got a gift from her friend and it was this Simply U Shampoo:

Unfortunately, she didn't care for it cause it made her hair too greasy? But she said I could have it so I tried it out and I love it. It made my hair so soft and shiny without making it super greasy looking. The downside is I have no clue where to find this because it was a gift, but I can go and find out sooner or later!

A Section Of My Brain: Beauty/Fashion

Something that has been quite apparent in fashion recently has been Fur. It's not always real fur so back of Peta Peoples. But the whole fur look is very apparent in the Chanel 2010/11 fall/winter looks:

One way to show my appreciation for this latest trend would be to buy me one of my latest obsessions:

Spirit hoods are just so freakin' adorable. I would wear one every single day. The only thing that sucks would be the price. They're quite expensive.. But the half ones are only (and I use only loosely) $69. It sucks but I might save up for it... Either that or I'm buying that Alexander McQueen shirt I want. I'll decide later.. Like when I have some money.

Obsessions: Movie Sunday

Lately I've been particularly stressed out. School, friends, ect. it just all stresses me out.. So, I've started to do one simple thing and it seems to have calmed me quite a bit. I call it "Movie Sunday". All I do is watch movies all day on Sunday. I don't worry about school, I don't check up on any friends, I just sit in my bed and watch movies. Thankfully we have the premium pack On Demand so I can watch certain movies without paying. It just makes me forget about everything for one day. So far it seems to be working.

Movies I've Watched Today
  • Terminator Salvation
  • Fantastic Mr.Fox
  • Up And Away
  • Sherlock Holmes 
Good day for movie watching too. It's gloomy and cold outside right now and that particular weather always makes me feel lazy.

Obsessions: Alexander McQueen Lovin'

Now, I know I'm really late on the whole "mourning Alex's death" train, but I just can't get over it. It's been almost a year now and I'm still in shock.. Alexander died the day after my birthday. Talk about an awesome 15th birthday gift..  I started looking back at his 2011 Spring/Summer collection, which made me even more sad.

 I mean look at all the detail and effort in those pieces! They're breath taking. 

One thing I really loved about him, were his amazing shoes. They were so different and so unique.

He will be very missed..

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