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My Hair/Nails

                                    (Sorry for the lack in makeup. Just try and focus on my hair.)
I've been wearing my hair in a specific way recently. One that's easy and doesn't require much work.I actually got it from:

                                                                        this video^^
Its from a beauty guru on Youtube. She goes by Bubz and her channel (bubzbeauty) is amazing. I love her and her cutesy style so much.

My nails I actually did today on a whim and I cannot be more proud of them:

Yes I have pokeball nails. I think a part of my childhood wanted to come out today.

Daily Check-Up: 1/29/11

  1. So it's been about a week hasn't it? I've really lost track of time lately and I've just gotten in the mood to post something so I apologize for the incredible lack of posts.
  2. Regarding my eye, it's better. I went to get new contacts yesterday and the lady said I have to go at least another a four days without them while taking these special medicated drops that have steroids in them? They're supposed to shrink my eye-scar (ew.) 
  3. I haven't done much shopping and I'm having a really hard time coping with this. I feel like that girl in Shopaholic. I wish I had money to buy stuff, I guess I'll have to wait until I get a job!
  4. This is gonna be the last of the daily check-ups. Instead, I'm gonna use DailyBooth (My Daily Booth account is in this sentence. Just click on it!) and then do a weekly-check-up with all the details of my week (less work for me.)

And Then Everything Went Downhill

Okay so you know how I was supposed to be blogging everyday and I was supposed to be on the ball at all times? Well the universe I don't think wants me to day that because on Thursday, my eye had this terrible pain in it and I had no clue what was going on. It was stinging, sensitive to light, and really irritated. I was freaking out so my mom took me to the ER. The plus was that they had a little basket that they gave out cheese-its in. So anyways, they took me in the back and then they put weird stinging drops in my eye that made it numb and then this stick thing that made it whatever was bugging me show up on a black light. Turns out I have a fairly large scratch on my eye. Then he put ointment ON my eye and made an eye patch out of gauze. So I've been out of commission and I will be until my eye isn't swollen anymore. Be back soon!

Daily Check-Up: 1/19/11

Current State of Mind:
  1. For sure got at least one D on report cards. Awesome right? I'm trying so hard to not get anymore but it's looking tough. This isn't happening again. Trust me. 
  2. I really have started to appreciate my friends. They make me feel better when I feel like poop. I mean, I've always appreciated them, but now I've noticed how lost I'd be without them. 
  3. I'm gonna be honest, I only have one pair of pants. Its ridiculous how much I've grown and how fast I grew out of my old jeans. I need new pants obviously. A pair of black ones and a pair of darker wash would also work.

Daily Check-Up: 1/18/11

Current State Of Mind:
  1. I've been worried sick. I hate school. Grades are making me stress out beyond repair. I mean really? Does it have to be this hard? I work and work to try and do my best but my best is obviously not enough for anyone.
  2. I'm getting by from listening to music. So far I've downloaded about one hundred songs in the past two weeks. I also heard a snippet of Panic! At The Disco's (Oh yeah, they picked up the !) newest single that will be released on February 1st along with Lady GaGa's single.
  3. Been shopping recently. I picked up a few things; black v-neck, black nail polish, kabuki brush and the new Maybelline FITME foundation? I think that's what it's called. I'll try it out tomorrow and see how it goes. 
And Life Goes On...

Fashion Icons: Marilyn Monroe

One of the most memorable fashion icons, Marilyn shaped the world with her sweet smile and her unique personality. I asked my friends what they thought of her and this is the feedback I got:

  • "Isn't she the ho of the 50's?"
  • "The chick with the white dress and man-hole lady?"
  • "She's so pretty! I loved her short blond hair and brown eyes!"
I think my friends are a little lacking in words of how amazing Ms.Monroe actually was. She was an actress, singer, and one of the infamous fashion icons from the 50's. Her style and beauty shaped the future generations and showed everyone that being yourself is the most beautiful things of all. She was proud of her unique body shape and she embraced her flaws and made them beautiful.

Sunday Check Up: 1/2/11

I've been working really hard on unimportant things and I've been sitting in my bed doing nothing. That's all.

Progression Is Pretty Cool

It's a school project. I had to watch a movie (I was so happy when I found out Amadeus was on it) and make an original movie poster for it. Pretty good if you ask me!

Girl Crush: Joan Holloway

I really hope everyone knows who this (or this actress) is. Christina Hendricks/Joan Holloway is a woman who, in my opinion, many young girls should look up to. I know the smoking, sex, and drinking isn't something really to smile upon, but as a person outside of the show, she's remarkable. She basically shows girls and women everywhere that you don't have to be a stick to be famous or successful and that the Marylin Monroe, full-figure look is beautiful. 

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