Fashion Icons: Marilyn Monroe

Posted by on Saturday, January 8, 2011

One of the most memorable fashion icons, Marilyn shaped the world with her sweet smile and her unique personality. I asked my friends what they thought of her and this is the feedback I got:

  • "Isn't she the ho of the 50's?"
  • "The chick with the white dress and man-hole lady?"
  • "She's so pretty! I loved her short blond hair and brown eyes!"
I think my friends are a little lacking in words of how amazing Ms.Monroe actually was. She was an actress, singer, and one of the infamous fashion icons from the 50's. Her style and beauty shaped the future generations and showed everyone that being yourself is the most beautiful things of all. She was proud of her unique body shape and she embraced her flaws and made them beautiful.

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Alexis Campbell said...

she is fabulous <3 i love her.

you're whole blog is very classy. i love your taste ;)

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