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Olsen Twins: Mary-Kate

Where Is My Mind?

So I've been M.I.A lately. Well school has been the BIGGEST pain in the butt. I've been so tired and so over everything so I haven't really concentrated on this blog. I feel really bad cause I mean I have a pretty decent following so it's not like I'm doing this for nothing. But I promise there is more to come. Summer is here (well in a week I'll officially be out of school) and I get to do this 24/7. So don't give up on me just yet.

The Kids Are Alright

Wildfox Couture cotton tank top
$159 -

Obesity and Speed black hoody
$99 -

Wildfox Couture screen print tee
$89 -

Spiked pumps
$54 -

Alexander mcqueen clutch
825 GBP -

Erickson Beamon crystal jewelry
250 GBP -

Cross ring

Anna Sui Vivid Lipstick
$25 -

Eyes | Cosmetics | Accessories
$6.99 -

MAC Nail Lacquer
$14 -

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