Daily Check-Up: 1/18/11

Posted by on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Current State Of Mind:
  1. I've been worried sick. I hate school. Grades are making me stress out beyond repair. I mean really? Does it have to be this hard? I work and work to try and do my best but my best is obviously not enough for anyone.
  2. I'm getting by from listening to music. So far I've downloaded about one hundred songs in the past two weeks. I also heard a snippet of Panic! At The Disco's (Oh yeah, they picked up the !) newest single that will be released on February 1st along with Lady GaGa's single.
  3. Been shopping recently. I picked up a few things; black v-neck, black nail polish, kabuki brush and the new Maybelline FITME foundation? I think that's what it's called. I'll try it out tomorrow and see how it goes. 
And Life Goes On...

One Comment

Marcy said...

You are insanely beautiful!! Don't worry I bet everything will be fine! I know alot easier said then done!!


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