Shame Shame..

Posted by on Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I caught a glimpse of my gifts when my mum was carrying them in from the truck and the bag was transparent. So I get a break right? It was transparent.. It wasn't exactly my fault that I just looked over and there was a bag of gifts. It wasn't my fault at all.. Obviously I'm just trying to make myself feel better. GOD WON'T THIS GOD FORSAKEN WAIT BE OVER WITH?! I am known as a very impatient person. So this whole "wait" thing, yea, it's not working for me. Something will be done about this. I'm just trying with all my might not to go and peek in my mothers closet. If I peek even the slightest bit, I'll rip the bags right open and find out the exact contents of the bag. It's a bad habit, I know..
Tomorrow will help get my mind off everything. Bonfire with friends and then a scavenger hunt the next day. Good little two day break to get my mind off the agonizing three day wait.. I'm a drama-queen.

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