A Section Of My Brain: Shopping Excursion

Posted by on Sunday, November 14, 2010

Guess who's excited! This girl! I'm getting the absolutely amazing chance to go on a FREE trip to Vegas with my dear friend Danielle! As a gift for her sweet sixteen, Danielle's grandma is paying for us to go to Vegas (I think. Not completely sure about the whole deal yet.. But she said my trip was free!) So do you know what this means? Supposedly, it snows in Vegas. So I get to go on a mega winter shopping trip! I've already got a few things picked out from Forever 21.

I can't wait to go! Just the thought of shopping for it makes me excited! Think about how excited the trip itself will make me.


joninel said...

i like the last one :D

Victoria India said...

I LOVE those boots! so lush xo

Cassie said...

The boots look SO comfortable. Something I'm gonna need on the plane and in the snow haha.

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