Spring Fever: Shorts

Posted by on Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Trend: Shorts 
  • Cut offs and distressed shorts seem to be the most popular this Spring making me want to hit up Goodwill and just go crazy in their denim section. 
  • Another popular pairing is shorts with tights, leather jackets, jean jackets, jean vests, and cropped or over sized band shirts. 
  • With my lack of a wardrobe, I'm really looking forward to expanding it this year so now I'm all excited and doing major research for oncoming trends and exactly what to invest in. If you have any ideas feel free to give me some tips.
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life in the wendy house said...

I keep seeing people with shorts everywhere!! I really wanna give it a go, but I don't actually own a pair of denim shorts, but who knows..in the future!

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